Mobility Lab


The Mobility Lab is a collaborative initiative by Evergreen, the City of Hamilton, and McMaster University. The purpose of the Lab is to develop a network of transportation users, builders, advocates, and practitioners to identify shared priorities for Hamilton's transportation system and to move forward on them as a collective. Currently, there are 30 members of the lab representing more than 20 local community groups, organizations, and institutions.

Through community and stakeholder engagement, hundreds of Hamiltonians have contributed many ideas for a more sustainable and inclusive local and regional transportation system through numerous channels. We hope to catalyze action collaboratively by aligning local mobility and transportation agendas and crafting a collective “made in Hamilton” vision for our growing transportation needs.

Here is an overview of the Mobility Action Lab Approach:

  1.  Build a network of groups, organizations, and individuals leading transformational work across the city.
  2. Define a shared vision and actions.
  3. Pilot 1 or 2 ideas and evaluate their effectiveness.
  4. Scale the best ideas.