The Community Campus CoLaboratory is a social innovation lab that helps community and campus partners who strive for an inclusive, collaborative, and aligned approach to partnership building by providing a collaborative, neutral environment to support dialogue that facilitates an efficient and creative workflow process that leads to partnered projects aimed at benefiting the Hamilton community.



The Community Campus CoLaboratory is an initiative of McMaster University's Office of Community Engagement in partnership with Evergreen, the City of Hamilton, the Social Planning & Research Council of Hamilton, and the Hamilton Public Library. Building on the vision of working together for an inclusive, sustainable greater Hamilton (a vision developed collaboratively with community and campus partners), the CoLaboratory is a pilot to explore how the office can support community campus partnerships that collaborate to create solutions for a brighter world. Click here to learn more about McMaster's community engagement strategy.


  • To initiate research on various social lab approaches, identifying methodologies to be piloted and evaluated in the McMaster-Hamilton context

  • To pilot four topic-specific social labs between June 2017 and June 2018 that are co-driven by University and community leads

  • To design an iterative process of deliberative dialogue, ideation, and prototyping

  • To partner with multiple Hamilton-based organizations and all six Faculties to convene a diverse group of stakeholders to participate in the lab process

  • To invite McMaster research institutes and centres to participate in the lab process

  • To incorporate graduate student learning into the research and engagement process through hiring graduate research assistants to support pilot project.

  • To strengthen existing partnerships and to build new partnerships that are cross-disciplinary (internal) and with community, government, and industry partners.

  • To consider future opportunities for a large-scale grant to support the implementation and evaluation of a Hamilton-McMaster social innovation lab beyond the pilot timeline

  • To evaluate and report on the feasibility of a permanent social innovation lab to support Hamilton-McMaster research partnerships